Stabilized wood burl blocks, turning blanks for sale.

About us:

We are Russia located wood stabilization laboratory. We can offer great prices for stabwood and worldwide shipping with Airmail and Express mail

About stabilized wood:

For stabilization wood became penetrated by acrylic resin in vacuum and pressure. After heating resin becames solid, wood gets higher density, water, heating and fungi activity resistance. It got better turning quality, great looking and also can be dyed by one or few colors.

What we do:

Today we produce wood and hybrid blocks with acrylic and epoxy resin cooked in vacuum and pressure (up to 8 bar) chambers

Cooperation and wholesale orders:

Our laboratory can produce up to 200 blocks of Russia located spices of wood each week. We can offer great discount prices for any regular customers


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Stabilized burl wood for sale, knife handle exotic wood, blocks, blanks, scales for knives, pens, pistol grips, cues, vape MOD boxes, game calls, bottle stoppers etc.